I think it has been 3 years since Tamara came to my house to help my daughter, Sarah, and her ‘adopted’ Staffordshire Terrier, Diesel who came to live with us. Sarah and Diesel slept upstairs in one of the bedrooms. It was a very short period of time when Diesel realized that he could ‘bully’ us regarding the upstairs! He would growl, snap, bite and then retreat to the safety of his room.

Tamara came and was able to show us ways to help Diesel be a gentleman. Neither Sarah nor I were sure of his background and how he was treated. Diesel learned to trust us both and we found that he allowed us to wash him, his face, paws, and so many other ways of our showing him love! He learned to loveto walk on his leash and he and I would spend over an hour walking and covering up to 4 miles every day. He would anxiously wait for me to finish my meal and when I went up to change (it was cold outside!) he would go nuts waiting for me to get my warm clothes, his leash, poop bags, and his light to wear so drivers would see us. We both put our lights on for safety.
I have since moved and you don’t know just how much I miss and love Diesel! We did find out that he had undescended testicles last June. They were removed and he is even more loving to everyone!
I don’t know if Tamara realizes just how much she helped us, helped Diesel, and how much she can help others! She taught me skills that I can use for the rest of my life, and she helped us teach Diesel to love and respect his people.

~Adrienne  M.  

Temple, TX

We highly recommend Tamara for your dog training needs.  She has taught us common sense approaches to handle Lola & Juliet’s behavior in a way that is fun and stress free for the dogs.
Tamara has come to our home to explain and demonstrate techniques to address socialization and potty training that have helped us shape Lola and Juliet into strong family members with immediate and lasting results.
We are confident that Tamara really cares about us and our dogs.  She has always been available to handle questions and concerns during and after our sessions.

~Carl & Elena S.
Woodstock, IL

Love Your K9 in Home Dog Training multi dog home getting treats

(Background: Max is a large German Shepherd who reacted violently and swiftly when he saw a dog on his walks, nearly escaping his owners or pulling them to the ground.  As a result, his owners were unable to walk him for a very long time before they called for help. He is now a safe and happy boy on his walks!)

I'm SO grateful that I found Tamara - and that she didn't forget about me in the 6 months between my reaching out to her and then finally pursuing my training.  Tamara never pressured me - just reached out to see if I had ever gotten help for Max.  
That's the person Tamara is - lets you go at your own pace and is ultimately interested in yours and your dog's well being.  She doesn't train your dog, but trains YOU to be in control of your own fears and anxieties, which has a direct impact on your dog's state of mind and behaviour.  
Tamara is available for moral support anytime.  She had plenty of late night texts from me that almost always prompted an immediate text back from her saying, "is this a good time to call you". I told her she doesn't charge enough for her services!  
Since meeting Tamara, my pride for Max (and myself!) has swelled.  We have many more goals that I want to achieve, but for now, simply not being anxious about what he might react to when going out to enjoy Mother Nature together is a huge achievement for the both of us - and not as hard as I thought.  
Call Tamara - she will change your life.  If you want to talk to me more about the specifics, she can give you my contact info.

​~Liz D.

Cary, IL​​

Update on one of our alum, Kade.  She was

 honored to help out at the March of Dimes

event at Sears Corporate.  She has such

good social skills because her owners were committed to her training.  Now she gets to be a canine ambassador! Sweet girl! 

Love Your K9 in Home Dog Training black lab

Diesel isdoing awesome and I have Tamara to thank.  Not only did she help in training Diesel, but she gave me the skills to keep it ongoing and have a better understanding of him.  I see and understand the signs he gives when he is anxious or needs space.  Thank you for everything!

~Sarah M   

Warrenville, IL

Love Your K9 in Home Dog Training dogs in crate kennel

When we rescued Summer she was very young and already showing fear aggression. She was aggressive with strangers and very nervous. Before taking her to Tamara I was overwhelmed with stress about how Summer was going to fit into our family. I didn't want to lock her away every time we had company. We were not able to take her on walks or pretty much go anywhere with her. Our first dog had been so easy to train, we had no idea what to do with our new puppy. After working with Tamara I learned that this is something that doesn't have to rule over our lives and that there are ways to work with Summer to calm her and help her feel more comfortable with strangers. She is now able to be around strangers in our house. She will stay by the door when it is open and not dart out at any opportunity. She has grown up to be a loving and cuddly dog. Thanks to Tamara I am much more confident in my ability to show her boundaries and I feel that she listens to me and wants to please. She looks at my face when I ask her to do things and she is aware of the boundaries that are set for her. Tamara really works magic with dogs. Her demeanor and knowledge of dog behavior is something that amazed me during our first session. Summer would growl and bark at any stranger but she was completely calm the first time she met Tamara. Thank you Tamara for giving me the tools I needed to be able train Summer and most of all to train myself to be assured in my abilities to set boundaries and not be afraid. 

~Paulina C.

Lake in the Hills, IL​​

My eyes are your eyes to watch and protect you and yours
My ears are your ears to hear and detect evil minds in the dark
My nose is your nose to scent the invader of your domain
And so you may live....my life is yours

Thank you so much for training my dogs, Koko and Graham, as well as teaching me how to gain control.  From your first visit on both my dog's behaviors were greatly improved!  Before working with you my dogs would often be out of control and pull me down on walks.  Since you have worked with us I walk them every day without any incident.  They are both so much happiernow on our daily walks and so am I!  Thanks to your training they are both better behaved inside as well.  I look forward to continuing to work with you.  You are amazing!  Thank you so much!

​~Bridgette H

​Cary, IL​

Love Your K9 came highly recommended to us by a neighbor.  Tamara met Bailey and within 15 minutes Bailey was listening and obeying-- almost like she switched dogs, but I was there in the room. Tamara takes her time and when leaving gives homework to supplement the training until the next session.
Her education in this field and her desire to train is reflected in the level of obedience the dog attains. 

~ Mike & Jo C.

Barrington, IL

We were feeling like we might have tosend our puppy back to the breeder, thinking we had gotten a “bad” dog, when we were given Tamara’s contact information.  Tamara came to our home and through conversation & observations she made, she came up with a plan that gave us some much needed relief with immediate results with our puppy!  We had previously gone to puppy classes but we always felt like we missed a lot of what the trainer was saying or doing because of all the distractions from our puppy & all the other puppies in the class-- misbehaving, having accidents, loud barking, etc.  We found Tamara to be very professional & extremely knowledgeable on all kinds of dog topics.  She was always responsive to us, as questions would arise & always so friendly & patient!  She was able to target in on exactly what our needs were & focus on that.  Thank Goodness!  We feel lucky we met Tamara before we gave up on our puppy!  Love Your K9 is exactly what helped us to love ours!  Thank you so much Tamara!!!  Our puppy is "almost" an angel now!!         

~Vicki & Mike K

Lake In The Hills, IL​​

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We love Tamara and would highly recommend her. She was very patient with us and our new puppy.  She was very detailed and thorough and gave us homework to work on.  I like how she got our whole family involved.  Toby is now three and we can't imagine our lives without him. He's such a great dog and we can thank Tamara for a lot of that.  I also appreciate how she makes herself available when we have questions about everything dog related.  

~Kim N.

Cary, IL

When out for a walk, our boxer Canyonwould walk me.  He would go crazy when another dog walked by.  We could no longer entertain because Canyon would jump all over people the entire visit.  He became very grumpy when anyone tried to move him off a couch or bed.  After having boxers in our family for 20 years and never having these types of issues, we were very concerned.  I reached out to Tamara to set up one-on-one training.  The results have been wonderful!  Tamara is very patient, thorough and knowledgeable.  She has a passion for training dogs and it really shows. I was so impressed with how quickly working together, his behavior changed.  Not only did she observe and change Canyon's behavior, she worked with me on how I needed to read and respond to his behaviors.  In addition, Tamara is very responsive.  She always makes the time and I never feel rushed.  I enjoy Tamara's training and am very happy with the results.  I will continue to use her services.  Thank you Tamara for helping our family!

~Christa H.

Algonquin, IL

Shayla was our first dog ever, she was so active and a trouble maker. She had no boundaries and was running the house!  I called Tamara because we were in over our heads! She was calm and asked what we needed. Once we told her our needs and concerns she got right to work. Shayla is a fantastic addition to our family.  She is well trained, socialized and she can be trusted. There are no more potty accidents!. Shayla is able to be home by herself, outside of her crate without us having to worry about our house being destroyed. Something that I also love is the fact that I could, and always can, call Tamara and ask her questions.  I highly recommend Tamara and her services, especially to new dog owners!

~The Castiblanco Family

Crystal Lake, IL