Follow up training sessions are on an as-needed basis.  You can book as few or as many as you need.  We'll work together to determine how many you should have and how often to schedule them.  It's completely customized to meet your training needs while respecting your budget.  This way you only pay for the number of sessions that are needed to reach your goals.​

​ Approximately 1  hour in length @ $105 / session

​ (Does not include the travel fee.  Please see the  CONTACT  page for a list of travel fees)

  • Housebreaking
  • Jumping 
  • On Leash Reactivity
  • Puppy Biting
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Leash Pulling
  • Crate Training
  • Hyperactivity
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Dashing out the door
  • Excessive Barking 
  • Puppy Socializing
  • Counter Surfing
  • Not Listening
  • Fear & Aggression
  • Multi Dog Home
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Food Aggression


Training prices do

not include the  

travel fee.  Please see

the CONTACT page for

a list of these fees

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Training Services

  A la Carte Training Services:



  Building ​Dog Savvy Kids

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The Baskerville Ultra muzzle (pictured) is the one that we recommend for most dogs.  It's lightweight, padded and allows your dog to open their mouth, drink and take small treats.  It also has two safety straps that make it very hard for your dog to remove it. You can purchase these at your local pet supply store or online. Be very careful with sizing your dog.  If you have a dog with a very short nose they require a muzzle specifically designed for them.  Please call for recommendations 

  Muzzle Training

Love Your K9 in-home Dog Training
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 Treadmill  Training

We also offer electronic collar training (also know as e collar or remote collar).  This training is offered as a 4 session package since mastering the e collar is not a one-session skill.  While e collar training is not for every owner and every dog,  many owners have issues that are best resolved with this collar system.  Unlike the 'shock collars" of the past, remote collars do not shock your dog.  The collar has state-of-the-art technology, using  low level frequency to communicate with your dog--much like a tingling sensation.  It's similar to the technology that is used in the medical field to relax muscles.  Using this very effective form of communication allows you to interact with your dog on a closer level. Almost like a tap on the shoulder, you can 'talk' to your dog in a way that makes training progress quickly, yet safely and effectively.  During this training, your dog will learn how to be "calm on command" as the foundation of it's training program.  Your dog will also learn to consistently come when called.  We can also address any other behavioral issues that your dog might be having such as digging, stealing food off counters, jumping and nuisance barking.  

Keep in mind that extra sessions may be needed if there are several issues.

We use a top-of-the-line, remote collar system- the ET300 Mini Educator click here for more information

Included in this package is:

ET300 Mini Educator System

High quality raised cot 

20 ft long leash

Extra snap collar for ease of putting on the collar

Remote collar package includes the Initial Session plus 3 Follow Up sessions @ $875

(Does not include the travel fee.  Please see the  CONTACT  page for a list of travel fees)

​If more than 4 sessions are required they can be purchased individually for  $ $105/session​​​

  Understanding Your Dog's Body Language

Custom In-Home Dog Training

A dog's head tilt is kryptonite to our superman.  But did you know your dog is using body language every day as their form of communication?   They use their bodies to "talk" with us and other dogs around them.  During this session you'll learn how to read your dog's body language.  For instance, you'll be able to remove your dog from situations that cause them stress before they potentially become aggressive or reactive. 

approx 1 hour @ $105 (plus travel fee)

There comes a time in many dog's lives where they have to have a medical or emergency procedure that they don't like.  It's a good idea to have your own comfortable muzzle that your dog is familiar with wearing.  This way they do not have to suffer additional anxiety and fear by having never worn a muzzle which many vets will use--especially with the larger, more powerful breeds.  During this session we will teach your dog how to wear a muzzle using a stress free technique.

approx 1 hour @ $105 (plus travel fee)

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  Puppy Proofing Your Home

Children are the number one victims of dog bites.  During this session your child(ren) will be taught appropriate and inappropriate behavior around your dog. They will also become training savvy, learning how to teach basic commands and even a trick!

approx 1 hour @ $105 (plus travel fee)

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information about the e collar


​​​​This session is for any age dog 

including puppies 8 weeks and older

Each dog is different and deserves a training program that is as unique as they are.  Our goal is that your dog will be calm, well mannered, consistently listen to you and be an asset to your family and home.  

A significant portion of this session is about you, the owner, because so much of changing our dog is changing ourselves first and making sure the training keeps going after the professional trainer leaves.  At this session we will address common issues  such as jumping, hyper activity, barking, anxiety or any specific behavioral issues you are facing.  You will have homework at the end of this session.  If we we are not able to address all issues during this session then follow up sessions will be scheduled.  

If you have a puppy, we will cover the most common issues such as nipping, housebreaking and crate training as well as any specific issues that you are facing with your particular puppy.

We do not sell training packages as we do not know ahead of time how much training your dog will need.  Plus we want to respect and fit into individual budgets.  We will work together to determine how many follow up sessions you need as your training progresses.

You'll have support from us by phone, text or email after your session. You are never bugging us!  

Any recommended training equipment, such as training collars, is not included in the price.  This training does not involve the use of the electronic collar. 

​Approximately 2  hours in length @ $175​ 

​(Does not include the travel fee.  Please see the CONTACT  page for a list of travel fees)

Bringing home your dog or puppy is one of the most exciting days of your life. Lets make sure your family and house is ready for the new addition!  With this session you will be given the knowledge and skills you need AHEAD of time to make the first days and weeks as stress free as possible.  We'll cover topics such as crate training, housebreaking and nipping.  We will go over supplies that you will need and help you find a source for purchasing them at the best price and quality.  We will talk about what food options are available and which local businesses such as vets, groomers, daycare and boarding facilities are in your area.  

Approximately 2  hours in length @ $175

(Does not include the travel fee.  Please see the  CONTACT  page for a list of travel fees)​

Most dogs need an hour a day of aerobic exercise.  While going on a walk or throwing a ball is the best exercise, getting our dogs outside is not always feasible for many owners.  Daylight is short and temperatures can be dangerous for some dogs and owners due to age, disabilities and a myriad of other legitimate reasons.  One way to help your dog get the exercise it needs is to train it to jog on a treadmill.   At Love Your K9 we can train your dog to enjoy using a treadmill safely on those days when Mother Nature is doing her best to freeze us all.

approx 1 hour @ $105 (plus travel fee)- multiple sessions may be required

Puppies are like babies--they get into everything.  During this session you'll learn how to make your home a safe environment for your newest family member.  Among other things, we will discuss safe ways to contain your puppy, appropriate chew toys, tethering and what to do in a medical emergency.

approx 1 hour @ $105 (plus travel fee)

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